Parga is a small town on the Ionian coast of mainland Greece, just between the cities of Igoumenitsa and Preveza, in the region of Epirus. The main draws to Parga are the historical castle which overlooks the town (from a headland to the west of the town) and the beaches. Near the town centre is Krioneri beach, to the west of the town (beyond the castle) is Valtos beach, and 4km to the west of the town is Lichnos beach. Despite its scenic beauty, tourism is rather new here and the number of foreign tourists is small. Resultantly, people are friendly and the town still feels genuinely Greek. The majority of tourists frequenting Parga are Greeks, although it is gradually becoming more popular among foreign tourists, especially during peak holiday times (namely, July and August).

There are basically only two ways of getting to Parga, by bus, and by boat. There are several daily bus connections from both Preveza and Igoumenitsa, as well as boats from Corfu. Charter tourists arrive with buses from the airport close to Preveza. Many chose to travel to Corfu, take the ferry to Igoumenitsa and then by bus or taxi to Parga. Since the construction of the Egnantia Highway Thessaloniki is only 3,5 hours drive away and many travelers come trough Thessaloniki.

Parga is a very small town, so there is really no need for transportation to get around, except from the boats leaving every now and then to the nearby beaches Lichnos and Valtos. It is possible to walk, though the trip can be very warm during the day.